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    For complete search services, Tryon & Heideman, LLC establishes a fee of 3313% of the hire executive’s first year’s assured cash compensation. We offer a reduced fee to our non-profit clients and a customized fee structure for partial search services

    Expenses will be billed monthly and may include such items as travel and targeted Internet site posting fees. All major expenses are reviewed with clients for their approval.


    Tryon & Heideman, LLC has a unique retainer billing approach. Many retainer search firms bill the fee in large installments within the first 60 days of the search, whether a candidate has been hired or not, Our retainer billing is on a monthly basis with the remaining balance due when the candidate reports to work.


    When providing full search services, Tryon & Heideman, LLC offers a one year guarantee. This demonstrates our track record in successfully identifying the best match for clients. If a successful candidate should leave the organization within one year, we will conduct another search to replace that individual.